Variety is the spice of life, and it doesn't get any spicier than granite. Not only is every slab unique, but you can easily find a color or finish to match any decor or lifestyle. While this may sound like a decorator's dream, when it comes time to choose, the same vast selection that makes granite so appealing, can become overwhelming. Narrow down your choices through knowledge of the more popular granite colors, and learn how to enhance your natural stone once you get it home to keep it looking its best.

Be Considerate
If you've ever chosen a wall color based on a little color chip, only to discover you hate it once you've painted the room, you can appreciate the gravity of choosing your granite color wisely. Before you simply go with one of the more popular granite colors, take some time to consider the following:

Existing colors and finishes. Gather your supplies before you visit the showroom, including samples of your cabinetry, flooring, current or future wall color and appliance finishes. If these are unavailable to you, bring an accurate photo for comparison.

Lighting. The amount of natural light that streams in to your kitchen or bathroom, will have a direct impact on how your granite looks. The true depth and detail of popular granite colors such as black or dark blue, may be lost, though the strategic placement of pendant or track lighting, and the use of a good quality color enhancer can certainly help. Granite that contains a great deal of white, gold or crystal flecks may be better suited for darker spaces, adding their own degree of brightness and light.

Lifestyle. Keep in mind that each color and finish of granite has unique maintenance issues: dark colors show fingerprints more readily, while light colors are more susceptible to staining. Both polished and honed granite require periodic sealing, though the seal on polished granite will last longer.

Popular Granite Colors
Granite that has been in the ground for hundreds or even thousands of years is in itself timeless, while trends are fleeting; what's in today, can be out tomorrow. Choosing one of the popular granite colors is a great idea if you're putting your home on the market, but if you're decorating for yourself, choose something you love, and that works with the existing elements of the space.

Enhance Your Stone
Almost every color and finish of granite have color compositions in them that will benefit from a good quality color enhancer.